CHONG CHA: New York Fashion Week 2014

Espii takes a look at one of the designers at this year’s New York Fashion Week: Chong Cha.
Designer Chong Cha, center, and all of the models at the fashion show.

Last Wednesday, I had the honor of attending fashion designer Chong Cha’s Spring 2015 Collection. She showcased her evening wear line at White Street Restaurant, located in TriBeCa.

Each dress flowed down the runway with elegance. The models wore an elegant pompadour hairstyle (hair by Kristine Murillo) coupled with a smooth, matte finish (makeup by Don Rockicki). Shades of chocolate accentuated the eyes. Fringe, backless, and halter gowns were the common thread for this spring line. And yet, even with the experimentation of line and shape placement, there still remained the element of class.

Chong Cha Spring 2015
Gold sequin cocktail dress. Model: Remy
Chong Cha Spring 2015
Sequin kaftan backless dress. Model: Darina

When asked about her spring line, this is what Ms. Cha had to say:

What was the inspiration behind it?

My inspirations comes from within. It comes from how I want to dress and be — a woman of confidence. Someone who’s not afraid to be sexy, but in a tasteful way.

Could you tell us a little bit about the process in creating the line?

Let’s just say, I had only the month of August to work on the collection. It’s was crazy because, at the same time, I was working on White Street’s uniforms and my Spring ’15 collection.


New York Fashion Week feeds our imaginations about the endless boundaries in fashion. The beautiful thing about Chong Cha’s spring line was that it was able to live in my imagination as a reality. It could be seen at a formal function, any time of the year.

One word to describe it: timeless.


Chong Cha | Spring Collection 2015 from STASKA NY on Vimeo.

For more information:

Instagram: @chong_cha
Twitter: @_chongcha
Pinterest: @chong_cha


  1. Thanks for the Vimeo link. Was able to watch & yes I totally agree with you… “Chong Cha’s spring line was that it was able to live in my imagination as a reality.”

    Good read!

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